This Marketing Tip May Just Boost Your Sales by 50x!

It’s 2019. What would it take to boost your sales by a great margin?

Every business wants to be a part of Fortune 500 companies, but they all have one major marketing tip.
Yet, wanna-be companies do not use this strategy.

Today, I’m going to share with you one great marketing tip to boost your sales by at least 50x.
(This is not guaranteed though)!

One of the easiest ways to advertise or market your product/service in our world today is on social media.
It’s either your business/company has a Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform page. Starting a business, you need at least two of these platforms. If you don’t have any, create them now.

Nevertheless, having a social media page does not guarantee a boost in business sales or whatever boost you’re looking for.

I trust that you will take seriously what I’m about to tell you,  that is, if you’re interested in really making sales.

listening ear

After implementing this secret, ComScore found out that 64% of people after engaging bought more stuff online. Source

After seeing this, 65% executives were visiting marketer sites. Source

After seeing this, 90% of users/viewers were able to make purchasing decisions online. Source 

Isn’t this interesting? It’s amazing how businesses and companies were able to make giant leaps from a simple trick. Or should I say ‘tip’?


They used videos. Explainer videos that tell stories.
You see, everyone loves video.
People and prospective clients are more captivated by videos than they are by text.


This is because videos tell a story. When a story is told, the listeners begin to put themselves in the shoes of the character.

They begin to imagine what it will be like to be this successful. Per that imagination, they flow with the story and agree with your product/service that it is good.

What is the story behind the product/service you sell that can convince me to buy?


  1. YOU SEE, VIDEOS ARE HARD TO FORGET. When you watch a video on your device and I show it to you a year later, You’ll agree you’ve watched it before. How did you remember? The video made an imprint in your mind and so you will always remember watching it.

It is similar in marketing a product/service. Coca Cola has made many imprints in your mind.
One of the most famous was the ‘brrrrrrrrr…’ video.

They knew the video strategy. They harnessed the power of a simple video that showed its drinkers’ body shake in excitement after drinking.

You want to make an imprint in the mind of those checking out your product or service.
These days, it costs much to hire a photographer and video expert particularly in Ghana to do all these.

I want to help you and your business spread with a simple video.
Try a less cost-efficient method here.

‘How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic’ , as an explainer video animation went viral.

Why so?

Everyone wanted to know how not to get stuck in traffic. If this video came with a product, tell me people will not buy it.

Of course! They will.


There are certain ideas you have or perhaps products and services you sell that are not easy to explain and/or demonstrate.

You find that if given at least 10 minutes to explain to a crowd what you do, you will need much more than 10 minutes.

Funny enough outstanding explanations and demonstrations are short and easy to go along with.

This is where a video comes in.

Simple yet captivating. This is your chance to capture your audience in the first 5 to 7 seconds or lose them.

The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, but by 2013 it fell to only 8 seconds. Source


‘Camera doesn’t lie’ they say.

Whether you are filming a real setting with human actors or just animation, it is perceived that anything on film must be true. This happens with advertisement in particular.

Furthermore, every viewer believes seeing is believing. Once you can get a great and attractive video for what you sell, you have won quite a number of people to check you out.

You claim to have this great product, say shoes.

Viewers need to see maybe the biological benefits of wearing that shoe. You can show the special feature(s) of the shoe that makes it different from every other shoe.

You do not expect people to fall for your product when there’s nothing special about it.

Lastly, you can also get testimonial videos on how those who wore the shoe are now better off.

Get your own customized video here


Trust this post will be one reason your sales are going up high soon.

Leave a comment below! What are your thoughts?
It will be great to hear from you.

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The Webmator Team
The Webmator Team

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