The Price Of Animated/Explainer Video In Ghana

What is the industry price of an animated or explainer video?

How much should you pay for an explainer or animated video in Ghana?

Now, if you are reading this, you probably know what an explainer video is already. Yes, the name explains itself. It’s a video that explains something.

First, let me say this: the way the tech industry is, particularly with services that involve the use of technology, price varies widely.

Complexities & Technicalities

Moreover, this variation may be due to some factors like;

  • The Complexity of Desired Service (eg. Detailed 3D architectural model)
  • Duration of Service (as photographers are charging per hour as well)
  • The Technicality of the Service (perhaps, Software Development)

and so on and so forth…

So, an explainer video or what we sometimes call animated video may price from about Ghc50 to even over Ghc25,000.

Ghc 25,000?

Of course!

Further, this pricing may depend on factors like;

How Fast Can We Get The Video?
  • Duration of video
  • Complexity
  • The Type of Business/Company That Needs the Video
  • How Long it will Take To Make the Needed Video

One more thing!

A Ghc50 explainer or video animation in Ghana won’t be a good design unless of course, you don’t pay much attention to value.

To add, seek value for your business here in Ghana by ordering for a great video of awesome concept and quality.

Showing off your concept through video animation just got better.

You are close to launching & spreading your new concept via animation.
Start here.

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The Webmator Team
The Webmator Team

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